Thursday, October 2, 2014

In the Mail: Henry Kissinger, World Order

The publisher sent this out.

A magisterial book, at Amazon.

Facebook to Revise 'Real Name' Policy to Accommodate Homosexuals, Drag King, Drag Queens and Members of the LGBT Community

Darn tootin'

Facebook needs to get with the program.

At the Verve, "Facebook clarifies real name policy amid LGBT protests: Drag queens will be able to post under their stage names, the company says."

The Cast Against Qatar

From Elizabeth Dickinson, at Foreign Policy.

Climate Change Has Jumped the Shark

A great piece.

From Steven Hayward, at Forbes.

Bwahaha! Walter James Casper Tweets Batshit Crazy Mahablog's Deranged Ravings on Oklahoma Beheader

Poor Reppy.

The guy's got no self-control with that retweet button. Man, sometimes you gotta rein in the impulses to share, lest you look even more of a loon than you normally do. I mean, Mahablog? That lady Barbara O'Brien is clinical.

"Borderline personality disorder"? Jeebus!

Meanwhile, at NBC, "Oklahoma Beheading Suspect Denied Bond, Asks for Muslim Lawyer."

Yes, the suspect asked for a "Muslim lawyer," despite the left's unhinged claims that the beheading wasn't religiously motivated.

Freakin' morons.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Nestlé Fitness Breast Cam Captures Stolen Glances All Day Long

At the Mighty, "This Woman Wore a Hidden Camera in Her Bra for the Best Reason."

Also at NYDN, "WATCH: London woman's 'Bra Cam' catches men, women sneaking a peek."

Bell Gardens Mayor Had Squabbled with His Wife Over Finances

The wife, Lvette Crespo, says she shot her husband because he was beating their son. But the L.A. Times reports that there was squabbling in the household over finances, and Mayor Crespo's brother sounds like he's not buying the wife's story.

Here, "Bell Gardens mayor's wife shot him to stop him from beating son, sources say":
Authorities have not released a possible motive for the shooting, but Daniel Crespo's brother, William, told KTLA-TV that the couple had been arguing over finances Tuesday.

William Crespo recalled his brother telling him: "'She’s over here fighting that I spend too much money.'"

He also described his brother as being "really tired" after having worked days and nights.

"She won't let him sleep," William Crespo said of his brother's wife, Levette.

Daniel Crespo, 45, was elected to the City Council in 2001. Aside from his duties as mayor, he worked as a Los Angeles County probation officer for more than a decade, according to the city.
PREVIOUSLY: "Mayor of Bell Gardens Daniel Crespo Shot and Killed by Wife."

Embattled U.S. Secret Service Director Julia Pierson Resigns

The lapses at the Secret Service are absolutely astonishing. Director Pierson's resignation should be just the first in a major shakeup across the responsible agencies, including DHS.

At the Washington Post, "Julia Pierson resigns as Secret Service director."

Kansas City Royals Advance to ALDS

That Eric Hosmer triple in the 12th was the turning point. Man, what a game!

I was hoping for an all-California ALDS, north-south style, but the Angels will face off against the Royals instead of the A's starting tomorrow.

More at the New York Post, "Royals comeback caps epic playoff opener."

The United States of Ebola!

Coming to America, at WaPo, "First U.S. case of Ebola diagnosed in Texas after man who came from Liberia falls ill."

And at CBS This Morning, "CDC director on threat of a potential U.S. outbreak."

Governor Jerry Brown Signs Plastic Bag Ban Into Law

This won't "protect the environment."

All it does is inconvenience consumers and make idiot environmentalists feel good about themselves.

Have your canvas, bacteria-encrusted reusable bags ready at all times.

At LAT, "Gov. Brown signs phase-out of single-use plastic bags in stores."

Before long we'll all be eating green shoots and granola. And liking it!

More at CBS This Morning, "California becomes first state to prohibit plastic bags."