Monday, January 23, 2017

Donald Trump's Jacksonian Foreign Policy

Commenter S.D. (Bob) Plissken took issue with my entry last week on Tony Smith's America's Mission (and liberal internationalism):

Let the other countries around the world find their own way to democracy. It's not our job. Our job is #MAGA. Straight up.
That's a common view. I've heard it a lot as a professor, usually from white working-class students, and sometimes ethnic minorities who want more spending on domestic social programs.

Well, at any rate, old S.D. (Bob) just might enjoy Walter Russell Mead's essay from inauguration day, at Foreign Affairs, "The Jacksonian Revolt: American Populism and the Liberal Order":

The distinctively American populism Trump espouses is rooted in the thought and culture of the country’s first populist president, Andrew Jackson. For Jacksonians—who formed the core of Trump’s passionately supportive base—the United States is not a political entity created and defined by a set of intellectual propositions rooted in the Enlightenment and oriented toward the fulfillment of a universal mission. Rather, it is the nation-state of the American people, and its chief business lies at home. Jacksonians see American exceptionalism not as a function of the universal appeal of American ideas, or even as a function of a unique American vocation to transform the world, but rather as rooted in the country’s singular commitment to the equality and dignity of individual American citizens. The role of the U.S. government, Jacksonians believe, is to fulfill the country’s destiny by looking after the physical security and economic well-being of the American people in their national home—and to do that while interfering as little as possible with the individual freedom that makes the country unique.

Jacksonian populism is only intermittently concerned with foreign policy, and indeed it is only intermittently engaged with politics more generally. It took a particular combination of forces and trends to mobilize it this election cycle, and most of those were domestically focused. In seeking to explain the Jacksonian surge, commentators have looked to factors such as wage stagnation, the loss of good jobs for unskilled workers, the hollowing out of civic life, a rise in drug use—conditions many associate with life in blighted inner cities that have spread across much of the country. But this is a partial and incomplete view. Identity and culture have historically played a major role in American politics, and 2016 was no exception. Jacksonian America felt itself to be under siege, with its values under attack and its future under threat. Trump—flawed as many Jacksonians themselves believed him to be—seemed the only candidate willing to help fight for its survival.

For Jacksonian America, certain events galvanize intense interest and political engagement, however brief. One of these is war; when an enemy attacks, Jacksonians spring to the country’s defense. The most powerful driver of Jacksonian political engagement in domestic politics, similarly, is the perception that Jacksonians are being attacked by internal enemies, such as an elite cabal or immigrants from different backgrounds. Jacksonians worry about the U.S. government being taken over by malevolent forces bent on transforming the United States’ essential character. They are not obsessed with corruption, seeing it as an ineradicable part of politics. But they care deeply about what they see as perversion—when politicians try to use the government to oppress the people rather than protect them. And that is what many Jacksonians came to feel was happening in recent years, with powerful forces in the American elite, including the political establishments of both major parties, in cahoots against them.

Many Jacksonians came to believe that the American establishment was no longer reliably patriotic, with “patriotism” defined as an instinctive loyalty to the well-being and values of Jacksonian America. And they were not wholly wrong, by their lights. Many Americans with cosmopolitan sympathies see their main ethical imperative as working for the betterment of humanity in general. Jacksonians locate their moral community closer to home, in fellow citizens who share a common national bond. If the cosmopolitans see Jacksonians as backward and chauvinistic, Jacksonians return the favor by seeing the cosmopolitan elite as near treasonous—people who think it is morally questionable to put their own country, and its citizens, first.

Jacksonian distrust of elite patriotism has been increased by the country’s selective embrace of identity politics in recent decades. The contemporary American scene is filled with civic, political, and academic movements celebrating various ethnic, racial, gender, and religious identities. Elites have gradually welcomed demands for cultural recognition by African Americans, Hispanics, women, the LGBTQ community, Native Americans, Muslim Americans. Yet the situation is more complex for most Jacksonians, who don’t see themselves as fitting neatly into any of those categories...

Record Rainfall Swamps Southern California (VIDEO)

At the Los Angeles Times, "Widespread flooding, mudslides, evacuations as biggest storm in years batters California":

The third in a series of powerful winter storms unleashed a deluge in Southern California on Sunday, flooding numerous roads and freeways, setting new rainfall records and stranding some in dangerously rising waters.

Forecasters had predicted this storm would be the strongest and several years, and it didn't disappoint. While earlier storms produced periods of heavy showers, this one delivered several hours of sustained pounding rain, with damaging results.

Coastal areas of Los Angeles County were among the hardest hit, with Long Beach Airport setting a new all-time rainfall record, 3.87 inches. The intense rain was too much for local roads. Sunday afternoon, both the 110 Freeway in Carson and the 710 Freeway in Long Beach were shutdown due to extreme flooding that left cars stranded like islands in a lake.

In Long Beach and surrounding communities, dozens of intersections were flooded and some residents reported their parked cars were damaged as the rainwater kept rising. Across the region, several people were rescued from their cars and thousands lost power.

Brett Albright, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service’s office in San Diego, said the storm dumped as much as four inches of rain in some places.

“Today was very intense,” said Albright. “It’s not a normal event. It was definitely a culmination of the perfect circumstances: We had a very intense atmospheric river with a lot of moisture and an area of lift in the atmosphere right over coastal Los Angeles and Orange counties. It forced all of that moisture out.”

“It’s not often we see higher rainfall totals on the coast than in the mountains,” he said.

Southern California has been mired by a 5-year-drought. But this storm is part of a larger shift toward wetter conditions that began last fall. Since October 1, downtown L.A. has received more than 13 inches of rain -- 216% of normal rainfall for this period, which the National Weather Service said was 6.26 inches.

Officials said much of the Southland remains in drought, although recent storms are helping...
Keep reading.

More here, "Storm slams Southern California: Expect more flooding and thunderstorms."

Heh, the Left's Swearing-In' Ceremony

From Ben Garrison:

Leftist Unity Pledge

Communists love the Trump administration.

It gives them a new lease on life. Shoot, leftists should've been cheering the results on November 8th.

Is it Okay to Punch a Nazi?

Well, it's okay if you're a leftists. It's totally cool.

Frankly, I imagine some conservatives or populists are fine with it as well. I hate to defend someone caught on video raising his hand in at "Heil Hitler' salute, but it is what it is. I wouldn't punch him (unless he punched me first.)

See Popehat, "On Punching Nazis."

And at the New York Times, "Attack on Alt-Right Leader Has Internet Asking: Is It O.K. to Punch a Nazi?"

Spencer gets punched at the video.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sunday Cartoons

At Flopping Aces, "Sunday Funnies."

Branco Cartoons photo Relay-600-LI_zps9uefckzu.jpg

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Photo Credit: Legal Insurrection, "Branco Cartoon – Short Fuse."

#WomensMarch Rule 5

I'm sure the leftist women's marchers will love some Sunday Rule 5.

At Pirate's Cove, "Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup," and "If All You See……is a wonderful green space that should be paved over for a solar farm, you might just be a Warmist."

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Bro Bible, "Sexy Big Booty YouTuber Promises to Release Sextape Once She Gets One Million Subscribers," and "Pretty Sure That Kelly Brook’s Bikini Tops Here Are About Three Sizes Too Small for Her.

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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Been Offline

I've been offline all day, except for some tweets staring around 1:45pm.

I tweeted from the Crossroads Café earlier. Recall I blogged about it during Christmas break. The restaurant has the "Stronger Together" sign in the front window. It's definitely a safe space for triggered leftists, lol.

I do love the town's rustic feel, especially the Western ghost town storefronts. Is that kitsch Americana? Althouse would have things to say about that, I'm sure.

In any case, I don't care much about the Women's March, although I fully support the protesters' rights to march. Of course I don't love the anarchist black bloc riots, which in fact are intricately related the the Women's March, although MSM clusterfucks pretend there's a hermetically sealed difference between the movements. There's not. The only difference is honesty. At least black bloc leftists are out front about their tendencies. They'll "burn it down" with all eyes upon them. The women's marcher's would also like to burn it down, but if you confronted them with that fact they'd deny it, accusing you of being a PRISON PLANET PYSCHO!!

Plus, it was a fake news day. I mean, the debate was over crowd size and whether Press Spokesman Sean Spicer acknowledged greater attendance today than yesterday, or greater attendance to O's inauguration in '09 than yesterday? I've seen a few tweets to that effect, but Memeorandum has the controversy and it's stupid. (It's especially stupid that MSM hacks have turned whatever comments made into the TOTAL COLLAPSE OF THE REPUBLIC).

It's not just fake news at this point, it's shitty maudlin comedy. I dread following the news for these next few years. Purported experts and media professionals will race one another to the lowest common denominator of imbecility. Mark my words on that.

The biggest fact of reality that folks need to grasp is now Donald Trump's in power. The leftist Democrats are not. For two years that should be powerful rebuttal that anything stupid leftists attempt to snark. They get no Brownie points. Just remind them they're losers. They've been repudiated, and badly. Hundreds of thousand of pink pussy feminist cunts won't change at thing, despite idiot Ashley Judd's unhinged rantings.