Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Saint Lucia-Based Flogg Blog Taken Down by Google

Well, Google's talking down individual blog posts at American Power. I won't be surprised if they take down my whole damn blog for some bogus "violation" of the terms of service (no doubt after complaints from leftist totalitarians).

And the Flogg Blog? Must have pissed someone off royally.

At Blazing Cat Fur, "Was a popular Saint Lucia blog taken down by Google hateful or just outspoken?"


Lovely Joey Fisher in Tight Jeans and Top

A lovely lady.

At Egotastic!, "Humpday Huzzah! Joey Fisher Strips Down to Bra and Jeans in Bodacious Photoshoot."

Bluest of Blue State Blues: California's Declining Quality of Life Under Democrat Party Rule

A devastating piece, from Andrew Puzder, at the O.C. Register, "Are Things Good Enough in California?":
California has become a very blue state. Democrats control both the governor’s office and the Legislature. With that power comes the responsibility to confront the problems facing the people of our state. In particular, Democrats are responsible for confronting our state’s increasing poverty, declining opportunity and significant income inequality – in other words, the problems Neel Kashkari is talking about. When Neel spends time as an unemployed 40-year-old looking for a job in Fresno, his point is that, despite all the gushing about a California comeback, our state government is failing to improve economic opportunities for those most in need.

The International Business Times recently noted that while California has the world’s eighth largest economy, it nonetheless has our nation’s highest poverty rate. According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s Supplemental Poverty Measure (SPM), for the three year period from 2009-11 (the bureau recommends the use of three-year averages to compare estimates across states), California had both the nation’s highest number (8.8 million) and percentage (23.5 percent) of people living in poverty. In the most recent report for 2010-12, the numbers were worse. While California still had both the nation’s highest number and percent of people living in poverty, there were more people (9 million) at a higher percentage (23.8 percent).

Gov. Brown refers to California’s poverty epidemic as “the flip side of California’s incredible attractiveness.” But, these are more than mere statistics. Behind these numbers are real Californians consumed by anxiety. Will there be jobs for them or their children? Will those jobs pay enough? Will they spend the rest of their lives dependent on government benefits? They struggle searching for jobs that offer dignity and self-respect, wondering whether their children will ever be able to support themselves or start families.

In July, California had the fourth-worst unemployment rate in the nation, at 7.4 percent. While that’s bad, it’s actually an improvement. Unfortunately, the big improvements have come in the wealthiest areas, particularly those affected by Silicon Valley’s high tech boom. July’s unemployment rate was 5.9 percent in the San Jose area and 4.9 percent in the San Francisco area.

Outside this enclave, it gets ugly. In Fresno, July’s unemployment rate was 10.8 percent; in Stockton, it was 11.1 percent; and, in Bakersfield, 10.4 percent. Once a beacon of opportunity, Los Angeles came in at a dismal 8.7 percent, which includes the low unemployment of the more affluent Westside.

Wealthy Californians in Silicon Valley and along our beautiful coast are prospering. For those less fortunate, those living in the other California, our state’s anti-business policies are depriving them of the jobs that could meaningfully improve their lives.

In Chief Executive Magazine’s 2014 survey of CEOs’ views on the best and worst states for business, California came in 50th for the 10th year in a row. It’s no surprise that Toyota moved its U.S. headquarters from Torrance to Texas or that even California-based Tesla Motors is locating its planned giant battery factory in Nevada rather than in California.

Small businesses fare no better. The Legislature just sent another round of bills for Gov. Brown’s signature that will further escalate California’s status as our nation’s most anti-business state and affirm the well-deserved “F”’s 2014 Small Business Friendliness Survey gave California for both small-businesses friendliness and overall regulation. Already struggling in the nation’s worst regulatory environment, California businesses, and those who desperately need the jobs they create, have little hope of assistance by way of veto from Gov. Brown.

Government regulations come at a cost. Noneconomic benefits may justify those costs but there are still costs. Rational governance would view regulations as investments in social benefits and resist regulations that fail to produce enough of such benefits or unnecessarily increase costs. California’s current leadership has failed to do so, resulting in poverty and income inequality.

According to an analysis by 24/7 Wall St. of Census Bureau data, California has our nation’s seventh-largest gap between rich and poor, the seventh-highest proportion of households earning more than $200,000 per year and the highest number of households earning less than $10,000 per year.

How can this be in a state dominated by Democrats, who proclaim their concern about income equality? It’s because California’s government has become so focused on regulating businesses and redistributing wealth that it’s forgotten that you can only redistribute wealth if you have it...

California, the once-Golden State, getting even less golden under Democrat Party rule.

RELATED: A blast from the past, from Joel Kotkin, "The Golden State Is Crumbling."

Flash Flood Warnings Compound Southern California Heat Wave Dangers

Another day of heat, with flash floods.

At LAT, "L.A. heat wave: Add lightning, heavy rain to today's extreme weather."

Also at CBS Los Angeles, "Floods Cause Fears of Mudslides In Silverado," and "Southern Calif. Edison Crews Focus On Power Outages."

Cory Rasmus Racks Up Four Solid Innings Before Angels' Bullpen Falls Apart in 13-2 Loss to Mariners

Boy, things got ugly last night after Rasmus came out.

From Mike DiGiovanna, at LAT:

The Angels need any combination of 3 wins or Athletics losses to clinch the American League West Division.

Republicans Gaining Strength Ahead of November Midterm Elections

At the New York Times, "G.O.P. Gains Strength and Obama Gets Low Marks, Poll Finds":
A New York Times/CBS News poll shows that President Obama’s approval ratings are similar to those of President George W. Bush in 2006 when Democrats swept both houses of Congress in the midterm elections.

A deeply unpopular Republican Party is nonetheless gaining strength heading into the midterms, as the American public’s frustration with Mr. Obama has manifested itself in low ratings for his handling of foreign policy and terrorism.
"Deeply unpopular." The Times had to throw that part in. Althouse notices as well:
I'm thinking that the NYT loathes the GOP so much — the GOP is "deeply unpopular" at the NYT — that even when the poll numbers show the unpopularity of the Democratic Party, it feels compelled to say that the GOP is deeply unpopular, even though saying that raises the inference that the Democratic Party must be really unpopular to be more unpopular than the deeply unpopular GOP.
Via Memorandum.

Muslims Slice Off the Breasts of Kidnapped Christian Girls in Syria and Iraq

Oh, but they're not really Muslims!

At Atlas Shrugs:
The unspeakable savagery to those of us left with a soul is too much to bear — but the media yawns, Obama wrings his hands in frustration that Americans might associate the Islamic state with Islam.

Those of us that who warned for years of the growing Islamic global menace – savagery on an incomprehensible scale — were viciously attacked led by a media hellbent on norming sanction and vilifying anyone that disagreed. And even now, as journalists get their heads sawed off with six inch knives, the media hits bottom and keeps digging.

Here are nuns and a mother superiors slamming the media for their refusal to report on these monstrous war crimes – for fear of offending Islam...

And at NewsBusters, "Nuns Slam Media Silence on Middle East Christian Persecution."

Code Pink Crashes Senate Hearing on #ISIS Threat

These idiots are the biggest communist losers.

PREVIOUSLY: "VIDEO: Code Pink Communist Medea Benjamin Denounces U.S. Combat Operations Against #ISIS."

Bwahaha! Lying Hate-Troll Now Says He Claimed Aasiya Hassan Murder Would Be Honor Killing All Along!

When all you've got are lies and allegations of "racism," naturally all you can do is respond desperately with more lies and pathetic allegations.

For quoting his very own unequivocal words, "In fact, you are telling a fairy story...," Walter James Casper calls me a liar and claims that he said Mrs. Hassan's murder by beheading would be an honor killing all along.

Now that's dishonesty.

The remark that "In fact, you are telling a fairy story..." is a stand-alone statement. Hate-troll Repsac's comment about "This may turn out to be an honor killing" was a throwaway line, a rhetorical sop. After denouncing me, claiming "you might just as well be telling a fairy story," Repsac can't be more clear: He's completely unequivocal with this statement, "In fact, you are telling a fairy story..."

When you state a fact there's no wiggle room. He denounced me and those who I cited at the blog as bigots and racists for spreading allegedly false "hatred" to smear Mo Hassan as some stereotypical Muslim.

Well, here's a harsh fact: Mo Hassan beheaded his wife in a ritual Islamic slaughter, a religious honor killing, and he was convicted at trial, and experts were proved right from the beginning.

Pathetic little Repsac's still playing the same old games he always does. He denies his own words, which are there for everyone to see. It's the old, "I'll let readers judge for themselves" ploy, attempting to cast doubt on the fact that lying Walter James Capser is indeed a liar.

What a dirtball, sleezebag and loser.

Typical, that's for sure.

Heh, Putting a Copy of the Constitution in Your Pocket is Way Cool

At the Washington Post, "On Constitution Day, putting We the People in your pocket."

Today is Constitution Day.

And take WaPo's Constitution quiz. I scored 12/13.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

According to Repsac3, Accusing Any Muslim of Honor Killing, No Matter the Circumstances, Makes You Guilty of 'Bigotry'

Honor killings are by definition murders committed by Muslim fathers or husbands against their daughters or their wives. So, if a Muslim man beheads --- beheads! --- his wife after alleging that the wife had disrespected and dishonored him, as in the case of Mo Hassan, who murdered his wife Aasiya, then that person has committed a classic honor killing.

It's not hard. Or, it's not hard as long as you don't have an Islamo-enabling agenda in which you attack people as racist for identifying the obvious.

That is ideological hatred, and it's lies and dishonesty, which perfectly explains Walter James Casper when he tweets such malignantly stupid leftist codswallop:

Repsac's not only a liar, he's literally mentally deranged. By his logic no one could ever call out a Muslim murderer for honor killing without being attacked as a bigot and a racist. And so, poof!, by Repsac's logic, the crime of honor killing would simply disappear! Of course, that's why fanatical terror-enablers like Repsac (and CAIR) cry "bigotry!" until the end of days. Note that following the logic further makes Repsac an accomplice to Islamic murder, which certainly fits, because progressive ideology is all about coercion, violence and death.

"Bigot" (like "racism") is a term that has been drained of all meaning. It's simply a bludgeon used by leftists --- who've already lost the debate --- to silence their political enemies.

In 2009 Walter James Casper was wrong from the start. Those who he attacked as racist then --- and who he continues to falsely attack today for "bigotry" --- were right all along.

This pattern of progressive deception and lies is why Repsac was banned from this blog. He's an evil man, a genuine and proven racist and bigot himself, ideologically deranged, and burning with cancerous hatred.

A sad spectacle all around.

Power Outages During Southern California Heat Wave

At the Los Angeles Times, "Power grid groans, blackouts roll through L.A. area as heat wave nears peak," and "Thousands of customers remain without power as L.A. heat wave peaks."

And CBS Los Angeles, "Corona Residents Struggle Through Scattered Power Outages As SoCal Swelters In Record Heat."

Women and Sexy Lingerie Pics

At Barnorama.

Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce Denounces Crypto-Marxist Eric Garcetti's $13.25 Minimum Wage Plan

Well, I'm skeptical the Chamber has much clout, but at least they're on the record protesting this idiot Garcetti's collectivist program.

At the Los Angeles Times, "L.A. Chamber formally denounces Garcetti plan for $13.25 minimum wage."

Kira Kazantsev, the New Miss America, Worked for Planned Parenthood of America

Oh god, what a freakin' beauty prize buzz kill.

At Life News, "Newly-Crowned Miss America Kira Kazantsev Worked at Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz."

And the requisite baby-killing congratulations have been coming in, via Twitchy:

What’s Behind Germany’s New Anti-Semitism

From Jochen Bittner, at the New York Times, "The ugly truth is that much of today’s anti-Semitism originates with people of Muslim background":
HAMBURG, Germany — Europe is living through a new wave of anti-Semitism. The president of Germany’s Central Council of Jews calls it the worst the Continent has seen since World War II. He may well be right. Attacks on synagogues are an almost weekly occurrence, and openly anti-Semitic chants are commonplace on well-attended marches from London to Rome. And yet it is here, in Germany, where the rise in anti-Semitism is most historically painful.

On Sunday, thousands of people marched through Berlin in response, and heard both Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Joachim Gauck denounce the resurgence in anti-Jewish hatred.

We’ve seen this before, of course. But there’s an important difference this time. The new anti-Semitism does not originate solely with the typical white-supremacist neo-Nazi; instead, the ugly truth that many in Europe don’t want to confront is that much of the anti-Jewish animus originates with European people of Muslim background....

Of course, anti-Semitism didn’t originate with Europe’s Muslims, nor are they its only proponents today. The traditional anti-Semitism of Europe’s far right persists. So, too, does that of the far left, as a negative byproduct of sympathy for the Palestinian liberation struggle. There’s also an anti-Semitism of the center, a subcategory of the sort of casual anti-Americanism and anticapitalism that many otherwise moderate Europeans espouse.

But the rise of Muslim anti-Semitism is responsible for the recent change in the tone of hate in Germany...
Actually, just narrow it down to Muslims and their leftist Islamo-enablers and you've nailed the locus of contemporary anti-Semitism. Now the important thing is to stamp it out, and that will mean destroying political Islam and permanently consigning the radical left to the dustbin of history.

But keep reading.

Super Hot Tuesday Teaching

Supposed to be another scorcher today.

I'm teaching all day.

More blogging tonight. Meanwhile, get cooking with end-of-summer shopping at Amazon!

#ISIS Beheadings: Real Reason Behind the 'Don't Watch, Don't Share' Movement is the Protection of Obama

Readers will recall that I reject the self-censorship movement as cowardly appeasement.

But Dawn Perlmutter says it's even more, at FrontPage Magazine, "The Politics of Islamic Beheading":

After the Foley murder several news headlines announced that beheadings are back. Beheadings never went away. There are hundreds of both cartel and jihadist beheading videos easily accessible on the internet that are far worse than the Foley video. Many display torture, crucifixion, castration, flaying and dismemberment. Most of them involve threats to commit further violence if their requests are not met. One depicts jihadists playing soccer with human heads. Several display multiple beheadings with as many as 17 victims at a time.

One of the significant differences in the Foley and Sotloff beheading videos are that they openly and blatantly denigrate President Obama. The first portion of the Foley video displays news clips of the President authorizing military operations against the Islamic State. Jihad John, the executioner, directly calls out President Obama. “..any attempt by you, Obama, to deny the Muslims their rights of living in safety under the Islamic Caliphate will result in the bloodshed of your people.” “The life of this American citizen, [hostage Steven Joel Sotloff ] Obama, depends on your next decision.”

The 4 minute 40 second Foley beheading video only shows ten seconds of violent imagery at the end, 04:20 – 04:30, that depicts a knife to the neck, fades to black and then the decapitated body as proof of kill. Similarly, there is only a few seconds of violent imagery at the end of the Sotloff video. The few seconds of violence could easily be edited out of both films, however the message that clearly disrespects President Obama is the real reason the media has collectively decided to censor the video.
Disgusting, morally bankrupt left-wing political hackery.

More here.

Walter James Casper Denounced Claims of Aasiya Hassan's Honor Killing as a 'Fairy Story' in 2009

Muzzammil Hassan was convicted in 2011 of the murder of his wife Aasiya in a ritual honor killing under Islamic Sharia "family justice." See Pamela Geller, "GUILTY! Moderate Muslim Beheader Convicted of Islamic Honor Killing in New York, “Hassan may have been conscious when the defendant started to behead her”."

When I blogged this murder at the time Walter James Casper denounced me as a racist and a bigot for spreading "lies" about Mrs. Hassan's honor killing by beheading. Actually, as is always the case, it's Repsac3 who's lying. He was on Twitter calling me "dishonest Donald" yesterday after I pointed out his extreme political correctness to Renegade Cowboy.

But the fact is, in February 2009, at this blog, dishonest Reppy was unequivocally denouncing any claims of Mrs. Hassan's honor killing as a "fairy story":
There is nothing new in this post... Just more speculation and bigotry repeating the lie that when a Muslim man does it, it must be because of his culture or religion.

This may turn out to be an honor killing... But until you can back your statements about "methodical, premeditated religious ritual" with facts actually from this case, you might just as well be telling a fairy story.

In fact, you are telling a fairy story...
Longtime readers will recall that Walter James Casper III is an epic liar, harasser and leftist stalker who was banned from this blog years ago. Repsac's MO is to attack people as bigots and racists, but when proven wrong --- which is always --- there's never so much as an admission of guilt or an apology for his prejudice --- which is exactly what it is when you preemptively attack people who were right from the beginning. It's leftist, collectivist prejudice and hatred in the defense of murder in the name of Allah.

Repsac is a sick, disgusting and evil man. He's a liar who does demonic work. He supports all the worst enemies of America and Israel, and he'd have you six feet under before admitting that his disgusting "progressive" ideology is the work of raw anti-Americanism and terror-enabling.

More from Phyllis Chesler, "Jury Finds Honor Killer Muzzammil Hassan Guilty, and "Cold, Premeditated, Ritual Murder: The Honor Killing of Aasiya Z. Hassan. Part Two."

RELATED: At the Other McCain, "Portrait of a Stalker Troll: @Repsac3, Also Known as Walter James Casper III."

Shock Poll: Three in Four California Voters Support Blanket Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

Well, amnesty will be the largest Democrat voter drive in history.

At the Los Angeles Times, "Poll Voters support a path to legalization":

Though deeply concerned about the effects of illegal immigration on California, state voters broadly support a path to legalization for the nation's 12 million unauthorized residents, according to a new poll.

Across major demographic and partisan groups, nearly three in four of those surveyed favor an overhaul of federal immigration laws. But sharp divisions emerge over the fate of unaccompanied minors from Central America who have streamed over the U.S. border in recent months, the USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll shows.

Nearly half call for the children to be immediately deported, but a similar number say they should be allowed to stay in California as they await legal proceedings.

The dichotomy reflects a pragmatic belief that something must be done without creating an incentive that prompts more people to cross the border illicitly, said Dave Kanevsky of American Viewpoint, a Republican polling firm that helped conduct the bipartisan survey.

"Voters are compassionate to those here illegally — they recognize this is a problem that needs to be addressed," he said. "But what they don't want to do is have solutions that let the problems continue and fester.... They're compassionate to immigrants but they're not open-border advocates."

The findings also reflect a state electorate that has grown increasingly tolerant of people here illegally in the two decades since the passage of Proposition 187, the ballot measure intended to deny taxpayer-funded services to those in the country illegally. (It was virtually invalidated later by the courts.)

Illegal immigration is a crisis or major problem, according to 72% of poll respondents. That belief was shared by strong majorities of all races, political leanings, income levels and geographic regions, and even among those who favored a conduit to legal status.

Beverly Bloom, a 59-year-old from Corona who works in physical education at a high school, said she sees the effect of unbridled immigration every day. But she doesn't want her students or their families, many of them in California illegally, punished.

"I don't want to hold it against these kids, because these kids are wonderful children," said Bloom, a Democrat. "Many of them have been here since they were infants, or their parents are undocumented, and I would hate to see these people sent back."

But she is alarmed by the consequences of illegal immigration.

"Oh my gosh, it's impacted us. Economically, for jobs, it's impacted us. Insurance, housing, our schools are overcrowded — just across the board," Bloom said. Those factors prompted her to favor deportation of the unaccompanied minors.

That crisis is the most recent flashpoint in the immigration debate, and it came to a head this summer in Murrieta, drawing national attention.

Protests forced away federal buses carrying Central American parents and children apprehended after crossing into Texas and bound for the Inland Empire city's Border Patrol facility.

Nearly half of all poll respondents, and of white voters, said they would be very or somewhat concerned if they had such a facility in their communities. Blacks and Asians were the most concerned and Latinos were the least, at 57% and 41% respectively.

Latinos were most in favor of aiding the minors. Two-thirds of Latinos surveyed said the children should be allowed to stay while awaiting hearings on their status, compared with less than half of white voters who felt that way.

And 60% of Latinos support a legislative proposal to provide $3 million for legal aid for the minors, compared with 41% of white voters...

Not All Publicity is Good Publicity

From Carol Roth, at CNBC:

The idiocy of humans du jour comes courtesy of fashion retailer Urban Outfitters, which featured a $129 Kent State sweatshirt (no, the price is not the most outrageous part). The shirt appeared to be soaked in blood with elements resembling blood spatter, ostensibly referencing the 1970 school shooting at Kent State that killed four students and wounded nine.

I am all for pushing the envelope and being bold, and I have personally been known to be quite controversial in some of my statements. Furthermore, I don't like being politically correct and can see how humor defuses difficult situations. That being said, there is a line between being funny, ironic or hip and being in pure bad taste. Selling a massacre-throwback sweatshirt, in my opinion, clearly and transparently crosses that line...
Keep reading.

Bill Whittle's Firewall: 'Tie-Dyed Tyranny'

Once again, the inimitable Bill Whittle:

Report: Hillary Clinton 'Confidants' Scrubbed Damaging Benghazi Documents

From Sharyl Attkisson, at the Daily Signal, "Benghazi Bombshell: Clinton State Department Official Reveals Details of Alleged Document Review":

As the House Select Committee on Benghazi prepares for its first hearing this week, a former State Department diplomat is coming forward with a startling allegation: Hillary Clinton confidants were part of an operation to “separate” damaging documents before they were turned over to the Accountability Review Board investigating security lapses surrounding the Sept. 11, 2012, terrorist attacks on the U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya.

According to former Deputy Assistant Secretary Raymond Maxwell, the after-hours session took place over a weekend in a basement operations-type center at State Department headquarters in Washington, D.C. This is the first time Maxwell has publicly come forward with the story.

At the time, Maxwell was a leader in the State Department’s Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, which was charged with collecting emails and documents relevant to the Benghazi probe.

“I was not invited to that after-hours endeavor, but I heard about it and decided to check it out on a Sunday afternoon,” Maxwell says.

He didn’t know it then, but Maxwell would ultimately become one of four State Department officials singled out for discipline—he says scapegoated—then later cleared for devastating security lapses leading up to the attacks. Four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, were murdered during the Benghazi attacks.

Basement Operation’

Maxwell says the weekend document session was held in the basement of the State Department’s Foggy Bottom headquarters in a room underneath the “jogger’s entrance.” He describes it as a large space, outfitted with computers and big screen monitors, intended for emergency planning, and with small offices on the periphery.

When he arrived, Maxwell says he observed boxes and stacks of documents. He says a State Department office director, whom Maxwell described as close to Clinton’s top advisers, was there. Though the office director technically worked for him, Maxwell says he wasn’t consulted about her weekend assignment.

“She told me, ‘Ray, we are to go through these stacks and pull out anything that might put anybody in the [Near Eastern Affairs] front office or the seventh floor in a bad light,’” says Maxwell. He says “seventh floor” was State Department shorthand for then-Secretary of State Clinton and her principal advisers.

“I asked her, ‘But isn’t that unethical?’ She responded, ‘Ray, those are our orders.’ ”

A few minutes after he arrived, Maxwell says, in walked two high-ranking State Department officials.

In an interview Monday morning on Fox News, Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, named the two Hillary Clinton confidants who allegedly were  present: One was Cheryl Mills, Clinton’s chief of staff and a former White House counsel who defended President Bill Clinton during his impeachment trial. The other, Chaffetz said, was Deputy Chief of Staff Jake Sullivan, who previously worked on Hillary Clinton’s and then Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns.
More, including video, at the link.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Obama vs. the Generals

From Marc Thiessen, at the Washington Post:
Pity poor Gen. Lloyd Austin, top commander of U.S. forces in the Middle East.

Rarely has a U.S. general given his commander in chief better military advice, only to see it repeatedly rejected.

In 2010, Gen. Austin advised President Obama against withdrawing all U.S. forces from Iraq, recommending that the president instead leave 24,000 U.S. troops (down from 45,000) to secure the military gains made in the surge and prevent a terrorist resurgence. Had Obama listened to Austin’s counsel, the rise of the Islamic State could have been stopped.

But Obama rejected Austin’s advice and enthusiastically withdrew all U.S. all forces from the country, boasting that he was finally bringing an end to “the long war in Iraq.”

Now the “long war in Iraq” is back. And because Obama has not learned from his past mistakes, it is likely to get even longer.

Last week, Obama announced a strategy to re-defeat the terrorists in Iraq. But instead of listening to his commanders this time around, Obama once again rejected the advice of . . . you guessed it . . . Gen. Lloyd Austin.

The Post reports that, when asked for his recommendation for the best way to defeat the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, Austin told the president that “his best military advice was to send a modest contingent of American troops, principally Special Operations forces, to advise and assist Iraqi army units in fighting the militants.” Obama was having none of it. Austin’s recommendation, The Post reports, “was cast aside in favor of options that did not involve U.S. ground forces in a front-line role.”
That's really frustrating. We won't defeat ISIS without ground troops. Hey, let the bombing campaign rip, but at some point you'll need the kind of human intelligence that comes only from on-the-ground operations.

Interesting commentary from Thiessen, in any case. Keep reading.

Well Duh: Obama Needs Congress' Vote on Going to War Against Islamic State

Jonah Goldberg asks why the rush? Let the debate rage on war authorization against the Islamic State.

At the Los Angeles Times, "Obama is rushing into war against Islamic State."

And more from Da Tech Guy, "Why A Formal Declaration of War on ISIS should be voted on and passed."

(Personally, I say bomb the f-kers now and worry about congressional approval later. That said, Obama's obviously going to need authorization for a long-term campaign against ISIS.)

New Claudia Romani Pics

At Egotastic!, "Claudia Romani in a Blue Bikini on Miami Beach."

Bill Clinton: Evil Republithugs 'trying to get you to check your brain at the door...'

Hillary Clinton was in Iowa yesterday for the Tom Harkin steak fry, and the only people fooled by Hillary's "I haven't decided on a run yet" lies are the slavering journalist following her around like puppies.

And of course, Bill "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" Clinton was on hand to dispense timely attacks on the Republicans. It's going to take an awful lot to convince voters that a Hillary presidency won't be a third term of Barack Obama, but with big Bill on the hustings there'll be plenty of clown show gags to provide distractions. I mean really, the GOP wants you to check your brain at the door? I'd say that's what the country's been doing for the last six years of "hope and change." But then, Bill Clinton didn't inhale either. Remember, a sucker's born every minute and the Democrats are counting on it.

At the Hill, "Bill Clinton: Republicans 'trying to get you to check your brain at the door'."

The Secret Senate Rule Book

So much for transparency.

These things aren't supposed to be secret.

At USA Today, "Senate has a secret book of rules."

Remember, the Democrats have held the majority in the Senate since 2006. Greater government transparency is another reason to throw these bums out in November.

Via Instapundit and Memeorandum.

Ground Zero Wedding Photo Reunited with Owner After 13 years

A wonderful story, at CBS News:

More at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, "Wedding photo found in 9/11 rubble reunited with owner after 13 years."

Seeking Relief from the Heat

It was 102 degrees during yesterday's Angels game at Anaheim Stadium. And it was pushing 100 degrees in Irvine.

Thank goodness for air conditioning.

At LAT, "Southern Californians seek relief from soaring temperatures."


Fun dancing, from Kiesza:

France: 27 Percent of 18-24 Year-Olds Support Islamic State

Heh, nearly one third of French youth is fully down with ISIS.

And does anyone really wonder why the National Front is on the verge of taking power in France? Seriously, there's talk that Marine Le Pen could win the presidency.

At Newsweek, "16% of French Citizens Support ISIS, Poll Finds":
One in six French citizens sympathises with the Islamist militant group ISIS, also known as Islamic State, a poll released this week found.

The poll of European attitudes towards the group, carried out by ICM for Russian news agency Rossiya Segodnya, revealed that 16% of French citizens have a positive opinion of ISIS. This percentage increases among younger respondents, spiking at 27% for those aged 18-24.

A recent Ifop poll placed French president Francois Hollande’s approval rating at just 18%...

Newsweek’s France Correspondent, Anne-Elizabeth Moutet, was unsurprised by the news. “This is the ideology of young French Muslims from immigrant backgrounds,” she said, “unemployed to the tune of 40%, who’ve been deluged by satellite TV and internet propaganda.” She pointed to a correlation between support for ISIS and rising anti-Semitism in France, adding that “these are the same people who torch synagogues”.

France is home to an estimated 5 million Muslims, largely of North African descent, who arrived from the 1950s onwards in the wake of France’s decolonisation and the 1970s 'regroupement familiale' policy, which welcomed the families of migrant workers from ex-colonies...

I guess that "regroupement" ain't working out so hot after all.

Now It's U.K.'s Alan Henning with His Neck on the Line

Poor fool.

He might be (or might as well be) dead already. And that British murderer "Jihad John" will mock the West one more time in the next video release.

Meanwhile, "Cameron" (not Prime Minister Cameron) will have everyone singing the same tune, "Islam is a religion of peace --- hurrah!"

At the Independent UK, "Alan Henning: Second British hostage in Isis beheading video named as ‘kind and funny’ aid worker":

The second British hostage whose life is being threatened by Islamist extremists is a volunteer aid worker with two children who left his job as a taxi driver to deliver supplies to Muslim refugees caught up in the Syrian civil war.

Alan Henning, 47, who is being held by the same Isis terrorists who murdered another British aid worker, David Haines, was captured in December while he was part of an aid convoy near Syria’s border with Turkey.

Yesterday, David Cameron described Isis fighters as “monsters” not Muslims, as he pledged to “hunt down” those responsible for the acts of brutality against British and American citizens over recent weeks.

Tributes to Mr Haines, whose death was shown on a video posted on the internet on Saturday night, were led by his brother Mike, who quoted the Koran as he warned the poisonous ideology fuelling Isis poses a threat “to the wholesale safety of every person in the world”.

In a statement released by the Foreign Office, Mike Haines said: “We agree with the Government in that Isis are extremely dangerous, and pose a threat to every nation, every religion, every politics and every person.

“I have become aware of a number of verses in the Koran that I feel are particularly apt at this time, if I may: ‘Since good and evil cannot be equal, repel the evil with something that is better.’”

Fears were mounting last night for the safety of Mr Henning, who is believed to have been captured in the city of Ad-Dana by a band of masked men. The 44-year-old is understood to live in Salford with his wife and two children. The Bolton News reported that Mr Henning and eight other volunteers travelled from Bolton to Syria in December. They joined a convoy of 20 vehicles, according to the newspaper.

Catrin Nye, from the BBC Asian Network, who met Mr Henning while he was packing aid convoys in Salford, said he was known as “Gadget” because of a fondness for technology and described him as a “very likeable” and “funny” man. “He had travelled on a convoy, he had been into a refugee camp … and it had been a life-changing experience,” she said. “He had handed out the goods. He described holding the children … and how that really affected him. He told me he had to go back.”

Last night, Mr Henning’s family sanctioned the Foreign Office to release a photo of him holding a young child in a refugee camp on the Syrian-Turkish border.

Large Majority of Americans Lack Confidence in Obama Mission to Destroy ISIS, Poll Shows

At NBC News.

The president simply doesn't exude leadership, and hence he fails to inspire confidence.

Still more than two years of this shit. Just watch your back, like I said. And keep your family safe at home.

We'll get through this.