Friday, February 12, 2016

Louise Mensch Op-Ed in the New York Times

Louise is pretty cool.

At the Old Gray Lady, "Britain, Better Off Out of Europe":
Valentine’s Day is the traditional feast of love. But this February, Britons are more fixated on a political divorce.

“Brexit,” the shorthand term for a British exit from the European Union, is finally on the table. For many of my compatriots, the idea is not a negative one; indeed, an escape from the ever greater encroachment of the European superstate on our national sovereignty is a goal we have devoutly wished for since Prime Minister John Major signed the Maastricht Treaty back in 1992. Today, at last, we are positively giddy at the thought of freedom.

The Conservative prime minister, David Cameron, is delivering on his election promise of a referendum on membership in the union, with a vote due by the end of 2017. It will probably be held sooner, in June or September.

Mr. Cameron would prefer Britain to stay in the union. Polls indicate that he is likely to be disappointed. Earlier this month, he returned from Brussels with a package of proposals so weak that Britain’s newspapers united against it.

His so-called brake on welfare benefits for European immigrants, for example, would require the agreement of other countries, would not be applied for more than a year and would eventually be phased out. Mr. Cameron also failed in his attempt to prevent child benefits being sent abroad for workers in Britain with dependents elsewhere in Europe.

After these terms were announced, the pro-exit camp’s lead in polls soared to nine points. One recent survey of Conservative Party members found that more than 70 percent supported Brexit.

The European summit meeting next week could be Mr. Cameron’s last chance to improve his deal. But with the president of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, touring Britain and helpfully telling us that he would reverse any British gains, Mr. Cameron’s prospects are not promising.

The mood of the country, though, is optimistic. An amicable divorce, many consider, is better than a bad marriage. Brexit campaigners are excited by the possibilities of an independent future in the world. We believe that this vision is better not just for Britain, but also for our European allies.

Brexit offers Britons more money, more control, free trade and planned immigration...
Keep reading.

Ted Cruz Porn Actress Amy Lindsay Says She's a 'Conservative Republican' (VIDEO)

Jake Tapper had the exclusive interview a little while ago.

PREVIOUSLY: "Ted Cruz Pulls Campaign Advertisement Featuring Porn Star Amy Lindsay."

Tanya Mityushina, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Rookie (VIDEO)

They've got a bumper crop of new babes this year.


See, "SI Swimsuit Rookie Reveal: Tanya Mityushina."

Thousands of Iraqi Refugees in Finland Cancel Asylum Applications and Return Home


They don't feel welcome. And besides, it's cold up there in Finland.

Gives new meaning to a "chilly reception."

At the Telegraph UK, "Iraqi refugees in Finland returning home due to 'chilly weather and hostile locals'":
Thousands of applications for asylum have been cancelled, officials say, with Finland chartering flights to take the refugees back to Baghdad from next week.

Thousands of Iraqis who arrived in Finland last year have decided to cancel their asylum applications and return home, with some saying they dislike the frosty weather and find the locals unfriendly.

More than 4,100 applications for asylum have been cancelled, officials say, with Finland chartering flights to take the refugees back to Baghdad from next week.

Though the majority say they yearn to be reunited with their families, others are simply disillusioned with the Nordic way of life, according to a local travel agent in Helsinki.

Muhiadin Hassan, who is selling up to twenty tickets to Baghdad each day, told Reuters: "Some say they don't like the food here, it's too cold or they don't feel welcome in Finland. There are many reasons."

Finland's intake of asylum seekers rose nearly tenfold last year, after applications increased from 3,600 in 2014 to 32,500 in 2015.

Nearly 80 per cent of the returnees are Iraqis, while just 22 of the 877 Syrians who have sought asylum in Finland have asked to return home...

Michele Fiore, Unlikely Mediator in #Malheur Militia Standoff in Oregon

She's a big, beautiful American babe.

At the Los Angeles Times, "Who is the gun-toting, brash-talking Nevada lawmaker who helped end the Oregon standoff?"

An Inside Look at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge (VIDEO)

Following-up from earlier, "Last Four Holdouts Surrender at #Malheur National Wildlife Refuge (VIDEO)."

At KOIN News 6 Portland:

John Kasich 'Sucks Wind' in 'Shock National Poll'


At London's Daily Mail, "Shock national poll has Trump with support of 44 per cent of Republicans as New Hampshire wunderkind John Kasich sucks wind with just 4."

It's the latest Morning Consult poll, "Poll: Wins Push Trump, Sanders to New Heights."

2 Girls Dead in Shooting at Independence High School in Glendale, Arizona (VIDEO)

It's a parent's ultimate nightmare.

At the Arizona Republic, "Police: 2 girls dead, no outstanding suspects at Glendale school":

Two 15-year-old female students are dead, and there are no outstanding suspects, after a double shooting Friday morning at the Independence High School campus in Glendale, police said.

Glendale Police officer Tracey Breeden said each of the two sophomores sustained a single gunshot wound, were found next to each other and were declared dead at the scene. They were found in an isolated area of campus near the administration building.

"This is not an active-shooter situation, and we realized that once we got on scene," she said.

Police did not provide the names of the victims.

Tomi Lahren Interviews Pamela Geller on 'The Islamization of America' (VIDEO)

At the Blaze:

Will the Biggest Democrat America-Hater Please Stand Up?!!

Following-up from earlier, "Who Wants to Be America's Top Socialist?"

Maybe Hillary will win, considering that Mao jacket she had on, heh.

At the Other McCain, "Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton Debate: Who Hates America More?":

“Our elites are fixated on how disappointed they are with the tawdry public precisely because that allows them to avoid examining their own colossal failures.” — Ace of Spades, 2011
Ed Driscoll quoted Ace in the context of reminding us how much liberals hate America, or at least that part of America where white heterosexual men work for a living. It was a strange thing to watch Thursday’s debate between the insurgent socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders and the increasingly frantic former frontrunner Hillary Clinton, where the key issue seemed to be which one of them was more capable of destroying whatever fragments of American civilization might still be intact after Barack Obama concludes his eight-year effort to wreck the country.
Keep reading.

Valentine's Day 2016

Shop, at Amazon, Valentine's Day Favorites.


Surging Number of Attacks in Germany’s Migrant Centres Sees Christians, Women and Homosexuals Forced to Flee from Muslim Men

At Blazing Cat Fur.

Of course, people fleeing for their lives are the real problem. The "asylum" seekers are gentle souls, misunderstood -- no, demonized -- by the "racist" Europeans.

Donald Trump Autographs Baby with Mohawk at Louisiana Campaign Rally (VIDEO)


That's the best.

Via TPM, "Donald Trump signed a baby Trump fan at a rally. Really. (VIDEO)."

And on YouTube, here.

Islamic Jihad Machete Attack at Ohio Deli (VIDEO)

At Pamela's, "JIHAD IN AMERICA - OHIO BLOODBATH: Muslim Muhammad Barry Named MACHETE ATTACKER HACKING PEOPLE in Nazareth Restaurant."

Also, at Jihad Watch, "Ohio: Machete-wielding Muslim injures multiple patrons at restaurant owned by pro-Israel Arab Christian."

And at WBNS News 10 Columbus, "Cops Kill Suspect After Violent Machete Attack at Northeast Columbus Restaurant" (via Memeorandum).

And watch, at ABC News, "Man With Machete Attacks in Ohio Restaurant."

Last Four Holdouts Surrender at #Malheur National Wildlife Refuge (VIDEO)

I'm back to work for the spring semester, and I was in class yesterday during the final stand at the Malheur refuge. Honestly, from checking Twitter during my breaks, I thought David Fry was going to do something rash. At one point he was said to have put a gun to his head.

At the Portland Oregonian, "Oregon standoff ends with a 'hallelujah'," and "Oregon standoff: Last four occupiers surrender at Malheur refuge."

And watch, at ABC News, "Dramatic End to Armed Standoff in Oregon."

South Carolina GOP Debate Saturday, Feb. 13, in Greenville

CBS News will be holding the debate.

John Dickerson will moderate, along with Major Garrett and Kimberley Strassel.

Watch, "What to expect from South Carolina GOP debate."

Remember, there's no "undercard." See, "CBS News announces Republican debate criteria."

The GOP's South Carolina primary is Saturday, February 20. (The Democrats have their Nevada caucuses on the same day, and then their South Carolina primary on Saturday February 27.)

Ted Cruz Pulls Campaign Advertisement Featuring Porn Star Amy Lindsay

"I'm Ted Cruz and I approve this message..."

Via Ann Althouse, "Cruz campaign practices the withdrawal method on an ad with an actress who's done porn movies."

And at YouTube, "VIDEO - Ted Cruz Pulls Ad Featuring Porn Star Actress Amy Lindsay":
The Ted Cruz campaign on Thursday pulled a 30-second ad attacking 2016 rial Marco Rubio after it learned that one of the actresses featured in the spot previously appeared in pornographic films. Actress Amy Lindsay, featured in Cruz’s now-suspended “Conservatives Anonymous” ad delivering one line, previously performed in adult films such as “Kinky Sex Club, Milf, Carnal Wishes,” “Sex Sent Me to the ER” and “Insatiable Desires.”“The actress responded to an open casting call,” Cruz spokeswoman Catherine Frazier said in a statement to The Daily Caller. “She passed her audition and got the job. Unfortunately, she was not vetted by the casting company. Had the campaign known of her full filmography, we obviously would not have let her appear in the ad. The campaign is taking the ad down and will replace it with a different commercial.”

Lindsay, who identified as a Christian conservative, previously told BuzzFeed that the Cruz campaign “absolutely knew everything that I have done.” She later called the outlet back to say she “was wrong in that statement.”
Via Memeorandum.

Deal of the Day: 50 Percent or More Off 'Deadpool' Video Game

At Amazon, Deadpool - PlayStation 4.

And ICYMI, from Ian Kershaw, To Hell and Back: Europe 1914-1949.

Plus, Top Valentine's Gifts.

Who Wants to Be America's Top Socialist?


The "Wisconsin Edition."

From Daniel Greenfield, at FrontPage Magazine.

Parents Object to Controversial 'White Privilege' Video Shown at Virginia's Glen Allen High School

What's interesting is the video's been in use for ten years already, and it's completely pedestrian.

Not sure why it's taken parents so long to complain.

At the Washington Post, "Parents outraged after students shown ‘white guilt’ cartoon for Black History Month."

The cartoon video is here, "The Unequal Opportunity Race."

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Jimmy Fallon's Bernie Sanders Impersonation (VIDEO)

What a riot, heh.

Jackie Johnson's Forecast for 'More Record Heat'

This week's high-pressure system is beginning to recede, with slightly cooler temperatures (although still well above average). But next week another high-pressure system will return with more record temps.

Via CBS News 2 Los Angeles:

WATCH: Boise State Police Release Video of Jose Manuel Sanchez High-Speed Chase

This is wild!

Via CNN:

More at the Houston Chronicle, "Crazy video: Man ejected from truck during high-speed chase in Idaho."

Bernie Sanders Now a Threat to Hillary Clinton (VIDEO)

From A.B. Stoddard, at the Hill, "Sanders now a threat":

In what now seems a mandatory part of any Clinton campaign, panic has set in. Tied in the Iowa caucuses and decimated in the New Hampshire primary, Hillary Clinton’s presidential juggernaut has once again veered into a ditch, just like it did eight years ago.

Even before the votes were totaled in Bernie Sanders’s historic New Hampshire landslide Tuesday night, reports leaked of staff shake-ups and new advisers to bigfoot and “layer over” those with whom the Clintons have lost confidence. Friends say the message is her problem — strange for someone who has arguably been running for president since 2005. Others worry she cannot overcome her inaccessibility as a candidate, while still others fear her email scandal will ultimately doom her with voters.

No matter the Clintonian spin, Sanders never had a lock on the Granite State. Not only have Democrats there rescued and reset the campaigns of both Clinton, in 2008, and her husband, in 1992, but two of the most powerful women in the state who serve as senator and governor endorsed Clinton’s bid. Women do well in New Hampshire, and the former first lady’s victory in 2008 resulted from the support of women. On Tuesday, women chose Sanders by 11 points.

Sanders won women under the age of 45 by 40 points and all voters under age 45 by 75 points. The Vermont senator also beat Clinton with liberals, moderates and independent voters by a margin of 3–1. Sanders took voters who care the most about honesty and trustworthiness 91 percent to 5 percent and choose the candidate who “cares about people like me” 82 percent to 17 percent.

Clinton is counting on a firewall in upcoming contests made up of minority voters with whom she currently enjoys a strong polling advantage over Sanders. She plans to campaign with the mothers of Trayvon Martin and Eric Garner, emphasizing gun violence, criminal justice reform and systemic racism. But Sanders is not ceding the African-American vote — he’s already begun a vigorous outreach that highlights those issues, pairing it with an economic message that may appeal to voters disappointed by the Obama administration that Clinton defends but that Sanders has implicitly criticized. Former NAACP President Ben Jealous, who has endorsed Sanders, promised in a tweet Tuesday that black voters are tuning in and will switch to Sanders and that “big endorsements” are on the way....

Clinton will still likely win her party’s nomination. But it looks like Sanders will turn the primary race into a lengthy and costly grind as questions linger about her ability to appeal to young voters, particularly younger women who seem unmoved by the historic nature of her candidacy as the potential first female president...

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders to Battle for Minority Voters in Upcoming Contests (VIDEO)

At the Los Angeles Times, "Black votes matter in Democratic presidential race as campaigns shift to more diverse states":

Hillary Clinton’s allies in the black community moved aggressively Wednesday to shore up her support with minority voters following her crushing defeat in New Hampshire, as Sen. Bernie Sanders worked to win over the black and Latino voters who will now be crucial to the outcome of the Democratic nominating contest.

Sanders lost little time moving from his victory rally in New Hampshire to a new, more diverse arena. The Vermont senator headed for Harlem for breakfast with Rev. Al Sharpton, the well-known black leader and commentator. Soon social media was ablaze with photos of the two eating at Sylvia’s, a well known New York soul food restaurant.

From there, Sanders headed for ABC’s “The View,” where he shared his thoughts about police brutality with the program’s 2 million viewers.

By mid-afternoon, Clinton surrogates in the African American community were firing back, charging Sanders with inflating his civil rights credentials.

“Hillary Clinton has been a true friend to the African American community for the last 40 years,” Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.), said on a media conference call arranged by Clinton’s campaign. “During that period of time, Bernie Sanders has been largely missing in action.”

As her supporters threw barbs, Clinton herself lay low, taking stock of the damage caused by her 22-point loss in New Hampshire and looking ahead toward a debate with Sanders on Thursday night.

The next few weeks will pose a critical test for both campaigns as the competition shifts from the all-white electorates of Iowa and New Hampshire to racially diverse states whose electorates more nearly reflect the broader population. Nevada’s Democratic caucuses are on Feb. 20; South Carolina’s Democratic primary is Feb. 27.

In both states, Sanders is up against a rival who has deep ties in black and Latino communities and who has also been steadily lining up key endorsements from well-liked minority lawmakers and civil rights leaders for months.

The Clinton campaign had long viewed Nevada and South Carolina as bulwarks that would protect it against any unexpected surge by Sanders...
Keep reading.

'That's why I go for that that rock and roll music...'

From Tuesday morning's drive time, at the Sound L.A.

I'm back to my semester teaching schedule for blogging.

I'll have more tonight.

Rock and Roll Music
The Beatles
6:47 AM

Van Halen
6:38 AM

The Cisco Kid
6:24 AM

Bang a Gong (Get It On)
T. Rex
5:55 AM

BONUS: Drive time flashback, from March 2014, "'He's a real nowhere man...'"

The Death of Twitter

Commentary has been all gloom and doom on Twitter's prospects, mostly because it's become the Internet's nearly exclusive haven of hatred and harassment.

At the New York Yorker, "The End of Twitter":
There are hundreds of millions of dedicated users (I count myself among them) who still see tremendous utility in the service. The core ideals that made the product great are not lost, yet, even if they’ve been obscured. The directness and power at the heart of Twitter—short bursts of information that can make you feel that you’re plugged into a hulking hive mind—are still its greatest asset. The company just needs to find the right way to show the power of those connections to a bigger audience, and the value of that audience to advertisers and partners. Not a simple task, but for Twitter an unavoidable one.
Also, at Instapundit, "ITS BIG PROBLEM IS CONTEMPT FOR ITS USERS, AND FOR FREE SPEECH: Why Twitter has run into trouble."

Poway School Parents Want Unisex Restroom for Transgender Teenager

The "student has every right to use the boys locker room even then he has female anatomy..."

Future shock, at Rancho Bernardo High School, in San Diego County.

Remember, California Democrats passed statewide legislating mandatory transgender integration in public schools. Parents are just now being faced with the reality, it turns out, and they're not happy.

At the San Diego Union-Tribune, "Transgender locker room issue roils Rancho Bernardo High School":

POWAY — A transgender student who changes in a boys locker room at Rancho Bernardo High School has triggered a dispute over a 2-year-old state law that seeks to accommodate such students.

The Poway Unified School District board meeting was packed Tuesday night with people raising a broad array of questions about student rights.

Holly Franz, one of the speakers at the meeting, said she learned when the semester resumed three weeks ago that a student who was born female but identifies as male was changing in the locker room.

Franz said she understands that the district has to follow the law that allows the student to use the locker room, but she would like the school to make accommodations for other students who may feel awkward about the situation. She also urged the board of trustees to notify all students if there is a transgender student where other students change clothes.

Advocates for transgender rights responded by starting a petition on asking the district to take no action regarding the issue. As of Tuesday afternoon, about 1,200 people had signed the online petition...

Obama Calls for End to 'Poisonous Political Climate' (VIDEO)

Amazing, since he's the most poisonous one of all.

At the Los Angeles Times, "Returning to his roots, Obama calls for an end to 'poisonous political climate'."

Two Maryland Sheriff's Deputies Killed in Shooting at Panera Bread (VIDEO)

At the Baltimore Sun, "Two Harford County sheriff's deputies shot to death in Abingdon":

Two longtime Harford County sheriff's deputies were shot to death in broad daylight Wednesday at a busy shopping center by a man officials believe was targeting police, according to authorities.

The 68-year-old suspect, whom officials described as a vagrant, was also killed in the confrontation in Abingdon, a closely knit community 30 miles northeast of Baltimore.

The mayhem erupted at a Panera Bread restaurant shortly before noon in the Boulevard at Box Hill shopping center.

Officials declined to name the two deputies who were killed. Sheriff Jeffrey R. Gahler said one had served on the force for 30 years and was assigned to the courts services division, and the other had served for 16 years and was assigned to the community services division.

"Today is a sad day for the Harford County sheriff's office and the citizens of Harford County, who we are sworn to serve," Gahler told reporters Wednesday afternoon, and bowed his head. "It is with great sadness that I tell you both deputies who were shot earlier today have succumbed to their injuries."

The suspect was identified as David Brian Evans. Gahler said there were two warrants for Evans' arrest — a criminal warrant for allegedly assaulting a police officer in Florida and a civil warrant issued in Harford County.

Gahler said he believed Evans targeted one of the deputies inside the Panera "because he was in a police uniform."

The deputies are believed to be the first in Harford to be killed by gunfire on duty in more than a century...

Hillary Clinton Breaks Out Fake Southern Accent in South Carolina

Oh brother.

Michelle Malkin hammers Hillary's fake accent, on Twitter.

And watch, "Hillary Clinton deploys southern accent in South Carolina."

Hillary Addresses 'Softening Support Among Women and Almost No Support Among Millennials...' (VIDEO)

Nancy Cordes reports, for CBS Evening News, "Clinton dealing with lack of young supporters."

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Most Added Wishlists

At Amazon, Most Added Wishlists and Registries.

Also, from by Rupert Woodfin, Introducing Marxism: A Graphic Guide.

And from Stanley Kurtz, Radical-in-Chief: Barack Obama and the Untold Story of American Socialism.

Another Jackie Johnson Record Forecast

Hey, it's nice.

Via CBS News 2 Los Angeles:

Oregon Standoff: FBI Surrounds Occupiers at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge

At the Portland Oregonian, "Oregon standoff: FBI moves in on last refuge occupiers."

Plus, lots of activity on Twitter.

Expect updates...

New Hampshire Exit Polls Reveal Hillary Clinton Electoral Weaknesses

Following-up from yesterday, "The Hillary Clinton Campaign Implosion."

At the Los Angeles Times, "New Hampshire exit polls display vulnerabilities for Hillary Clinton":
Hillary Clinton's bracing 22-point defeat in New Hampshire came at the hands of voters who seemed to reject not so much her policies, but Clinton herself — making her rebound all the more complicated unless the state proves to be an outlier.

That verdict comes through clearly in the exit poll of New Hampshire’s Democratic primary voters. Just over a third of them cited honesty and trustworthiness as the most important attribute for the next president, and Clinton’s opponent, Sen. Bernie Sanders, won those voters 91% to 5%. Asked if one candidate or both shared their values, a third said only Sanders did, and he won those voters 97% to 2%.

The repudiation was across the board. Sanders won almost all categories of voters, including women. Clinton had made them a specific target, but Sanders won women's votes by 11 points.

New Hampshire is almost wholly white, more liberal and less religious than most states, which may make the defeat here a blip when the election season is concluded. But the sharp divisions evident Tuesday suggest trouble ahead for the national front-runner.

As the campaign moves into more diverse states, one big question will be whether African American and Latino voters decide by virtue of race and ethnicity or age. If minority voters form a bloc, Clinton’s strength in states like South Carolina and Nevada is assured. But if young minority voters break away from their elders to back Sanders, Clinton’s advantage would be diminished.

New Hampshire lacks enough minority voters to draw any conclusions about the impact of race and youth. But as in Iowa, young voters overall proved to be a potent army for Sanders. Among those aged 30 and under, he won more than 4-in-5 votes. The only age category that Clinton won was voters 65 and older, 55% of whom supported her.

In crafting his victory, the Vermont senator accomplished something remarkable. Most Democratic insurgent campaigns in recent elections, dating back to Sen. Gary Hart in 1984, have attracted upscale voters and not those lower on the economic ladder. Sanders reversed that as he became the first Democratic challenger to win here since Hart upset former Vice President Walter Mondale that year.

Among those making $50,000 a year or less, Sanders beat Clinton 2-1. He also defeated Clinton among voters without a college degree, by 36 points.

Those lower-income, less-educated voters formed the backbone of Clinton’s 2008 campaign, giving her advantages that kept the race going for months against then-Sen. Barack Obama, who had a coalition of black voters and upscale whites. That year, among New Hampshire voters making less than $50,000, Clinton defeated Obama 47% to 32% in a multicandidate race.

New Hampshire’s voting populace is young and extremely mobile, a circumstance that benefited Sanders. About 30% of voters were either not old enough to vote or were not residents the last time Clinton ran in a primary here. In that way, however, New Hampshire is similar to states like California, where young and new voters abound, even if many of them don’t register or vote regularly...

Plus-Sized Model Ashley Graham Appears in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2016 (VIDEO)

At Sports Illustrated, "SI Swimsuit 2016 Rookie Reveal: Ashley Graham."

And at WWTDD, "Ashley Graham Plus One in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit."

Nicola Griffin, 56, Rocks Gold Bikini in 'Swimsuits for All' Advertisment in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2016

You're a young as you feel --- and as young as you look!

At USA Today, "56-year-old in gold bikini rocks ad in 'Sports Illustrated'."

Christie and Fiorina Quit GOP Presidential Race

Christie doesn't surprise me, but Fiorina said she'd stay in the race all the way to the convention. She must be strapped for cash, and after such a promising surge for a while last year.

At the New York Times, via Memeorandum, "Chris Christie Drops Out of Race After New Hampshire Flop."

And at Politico, "Carly Fiorina quits 2016 race."

TSA: The Total Security Abyss

From Michelle Malkin:
While a TSA agent pawed my hair bun this weekend, presumably on high alert for improvised explosive bobby pins, I pondered the latest news on the Somalia airplane terror attack.

Intelligence officials released video footage of airport employees in Mogadishu handing a laptop to a jihadist suspect before he boarded Daallo Airlines Airbus Flight D3159 last week. The device allegedly contained a bomb that exploded on the plane, which created a massive hole out of which the bomber was fatally sucked. Two other passengers were injured in the blast before the pilot successfully made an emergency landing.

Several airport workers have now been arrested and the FBI is in Africa assisting the investigation.

The Somalia incident is not the only suspected in-flight inside job of late. Investigators believe a ramp worker at Egypt’s Sharm el Sheikh airport was recruited by ISIS to plant a bomb on the Russian airliner that crashed last fall in the desert of the Sinai Peninsula. All 224 passengers and crew members aboard Metrojet Flight 9268 perished.

America can rest easy knowing that TSA aggressively tackled my harmless chignon like the Denver Broncos on Super Bowl Sunday.

But as the TSA carries out its multibillion-dollar charade of homeland security on babies’ bottles of breast milk, veterans’ prosthetic devices and suburban moms’ updos, who is screening the screeners?
Chilling. Man.

Keep reading.

The Finest Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

A best selling food item, at Amazon, Viva Labs The Finest Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 16 Ounce.

Also, from Haribo, Gummi Candy Gold-Bears, 5-Pound Bag.

And, Shop Gourmet Foods.

Plus, Wolfgang Puck Makes It Healthy: Light, Delicious Recipes and Easy Exercises for a Better Life.

BONUS: From Craig Claiborne, The Original New York Times Cookbook.


LATEST: It's Day 40 of the Malheur Occupation

It goes on.

At the Portland Oregonian, "Oregon standoff Day 40: What you need to know."

And watch, from Sunday, "Occupier takes joy ride in pickup truck with federal plates." It's the crazy loon David Fry.

Super Bowl Security Theater

Following-up from the other day, "U.S. Air Force Fighter Jets to Patrol Skies Over Super Bowl 50 in Santa Clara, California (VIDEO)."

Watch this clip from Alex Jones' InfoWars channel, heh. They're making too much sense!

Air Force Major General James Martin Jr. Fainted During Pentagon Briefing (VIDEO)

Poor guy. He was taken to the hospital, but is apparently going to be okay.

Via CNN:

'Ever since it delivered a psychological victory by giving an unexpectedly strong finish to Eugene McCarthy against incumbent President Lyndon Johnson in 1968, thereby delivering the first ballot-box expression of Americans’ angst over the Vietnam war, New Hampshire’s primary has been something of a political canary in the nation’s mine shaft...'

This is an excellent piece, from Kathy Kiely, at USA Today, "Trump, Sanders wins 30 years in the making."

Lolz: Our Culture of Wannabe Rock Stars Going Home to Mama's House, Sleeping on a Twin Bed

Watch, this great segment, with Megyn Kelly interviewing Dr. Phil.

It's pretty hilarious.

Here, "Dr. Phil: We've Created a Generation of Entitled, Narcissistic People."

Republican Presidential Campaign Heads to South Carolina, With No Clear Republican Challenge to Donald Trump

Lindsey Graham is on Fox with Bill Hemmer right now, talking about South Carolina, and calling Donald Trump "an absolute disaster for the Republican Party."

Blah, blah.

Perhaps the voters down there disagree.

And Graham's shilling for Jeb, which about makes me puke.

At the New York Times, "Race Goes to South Carolina, With No Clear Republican Threat to Trump":
COLUMBIA, S.C. — With Donald J. Trump’s decisive victory in New Hampshire and no strong runner-up among a pack of also-rans, the Republican race barreled into South Carolina on Wednesday shadowed by a question: whether any alternative candidate can gain enough support to threaten Mr. Trump’s drive to the nomination.

Gov. John Kasich of Ohio, the second-place finisher in New Hampshire with less than half the support of Mr. Trump, arrives in this more conservative Southern state where he has little staff or support. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, resuming an effort here to enlist the Christian right, the key to his victory in Iowa, faces a playing field where evangelical voters are far less monolithic. And former Gov. Jeb Bush, buoyed by outperforming his Florida rival Senator Marco Rubio, has a chance to open more daylight — but it is unclear if it will be enough to inspire establishment-leaning Republicans to coalesce behind him.

On the Democratic side, Senator Bernie Sanders’s idealistic message, which inspired a decisive victory in New Hampshire over Hillary Clinton, faces a sharp test in South Carolina, where Democrats are more moderate and demographically diverse.

Mr. Trump is quite likely to face a kind of scrutiny here he has so far avoided: The only Republican candidate who does not favor increased military spending, he must woo a state with eight bases and 58,000 military retirees. His Vietnam War draft deferments may also be an issue.

While Mr. Trump has led in every poll in South Carolina since July, Mr. Bush has invested substantial resources here. His aides say 1,000 volunteers have knocked on doors at more than 50,000 homes. His brother, former President George W. Bush, who is expected to campaign alongside him here, appeared in an ad in South Carolina during the Super Bowl, declaring, “Jeb Bush is a leader who will keep our country safe.”

“The commander-in-chief question is going to be a big one,” said Jim Dyke, a senior adviser to Mr. Bush here. “If you look at exit polls from 2008 and 2012, in both elections about 25 percent identified as active military or had served in the military.”
Maybe Jebbie will pull out the Barbara Bush "big guns" to rally the rubes in South Carolina. You want a "disaster for the Republican Party"? Nominate Jeb for a third Bush term. It's sickening.

Donald Trump in the Driver's Seat on Way to Presidential Nomination

From Fred Barnes, at the Weekly Standard:
Donald Trump got everything he wanted in New Hampshire primary—and a whole lot more. He's not only a stronger frontrunner in the Republican race than ever; he's now in the driver's seat on the road to the presidential nomination.

Trump is dominant. Here are a few examples:

* Every Republican candidate who finished first and second in Iowa and New Hampshire has won the presidential nomination. Having done so, Trump is now in a class with Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bob Dole, George W. Bush, and Mitt Romney. John McCain was a partial exception in 2000, having basically skipped Iowa and then won in New Hampshire. And it doesn't matter where the first and second place finishes occurred. Reagan was second in Iowa in 1980, then won New Hampshire. Dole won Iowa in 1996 and settled for second to Pat Buchanan in New Hampshire.

* That New Hampshire failed to force all the marginal candidates out of the race is a boon for Trump. There's still no single "establishment" candidate to oppose him. There are three, maybe four, and they're fighting each other, not Trump. This is important. If Jeb Bush is still running when the Florida primary occurs on March 15, he'll split the establishment vote with Marco Rubio. And Trump will win Florida. A similar situation will exist in Ohio if Kasich, the state's governor, hangs around. Kasich and Rubio and maybe Bush will form a circular firing squad. Should Trump win both states, the race is over.

* Trump was zinged after Iowa because his vote was less than polls had forecast. But in New Hampshire, the opposite happened. The RealClear average of New Hampshire polls pegged Trump at 29.5 percent. He got better than 34 percent of the actual vote.

* There were suspicions Trump's percentage would be significantly less than previous winners in New Hampshire. It was in some cases, mostly campaigns with fewer top tier candidates than this year. Trump slightly trailed Bush (38 percent) in 1988 and McCain in 2000 (37). But he beat Buchanan (27) in 1996. No embarrassment here.

* The Trump magic appears to be spreading to states with upcoming primaries...
Still more.

I love that Reagan comparison, second in Iowa, and first in New Hampshire. I'd be trumpeted that historical vignette.

Chris Christie Missed the Cut for GOP Debate in South Carolina Saturday (VIDEO)

Background at Politico, "Kasich, Christie and Fiorina need strong N.H. finishes to make CBS debate."

At the Newark Star-Ledger, "Christie's presidential bid is over, political pros say":

TRENTON — Gov. Chris Christie is still waiting to exhale, but Republican experts are saying the New Jersey governor is all but certain to end his presidential campaign in New Jersey sometime Wednesday.

"We're going to go home to New Jersey tomorrow and take a deep breath," Christie told supporters in Nashua, N.H., late Tuesday evening after the New Hampshire presidential primary.

The goal, Christie said, is to "see what the final results are tonight — 'cause that matters — whether we're sixth or fifth."

A sixth-place finish would mean Christie wouldn't qualify for the ninth GOP debate, scheduled for Saturday in South Carolina under criteria for admission CBS released late Tuesday. He needed to be in the top five in New Hampshire...

Fiorina won't make it either. And she's gonna whine about sexist treatment by CBS. (Ben Carson won't make it either. These dum-dums need to drop out, sheesh.)

Also at Memeorandum.

The Hillary Clinton Campaign Implosion

At the New York Times, "It's Clinton Déjà Vu — New Hampshire Brings Snow and Rumors of Campaign Implosion":
Periods of intense hand-wringing and recrimination always occur in Clintonworld around the New Hampshire primaries, if history is any guide — and what is Clinton history, if not utterly repetitive?

These brawls traditionally follow difficult results in Iowa. In 1992, the native Hawkeye Tom Harkin beat Bill Clinton in the year’s first caucuses. Barack Obama beat Hillary in 2008 (as did John Edwards, who finished second). And last week, Bernie Sanders essentially tied the former secretary of state, setting up the latest Clinton bloodbath-in-waiting. Hillary is down big in the New Hampshire polls. Her nervous staff and extended community of sycophants, hangers-on and self-professed “confidantes” keep unburdening themselves in the press — while being granted anonymity in exchange for their self-aggrandizing candor.

We’ve been here before. This is how it all rolls in the Clinton precincts of Blue America. The situation is so familiar to be its own Democratic Party cliché, like nominating unelectable liberals in the 1980s or engaging in nasty platform fights in the 1990s.

Say this about the Clintons, for better or worse: They are predictable. Thrush and Karni’s New Hampshire pre-autopsy contained all the paint-by-number refrains of Clinton crackups past:

· The term “staff shake-up” would need to appear in the story’s headline (or, at least, the lede).

· Also, somewhere, the phrase “lack of trust” or “mutual suspicion.”

· The story would have to include a nod to the trusted old Clinton hands who were selflessly offering themselves up as potential campaign saviors.

· Embedded in the article would be the clear implication that all of this could have been avoided if only Mark Penn, Clinton’s 2008 strategist, were more involved.

· The story would also inevitably include at least one blind quote from a former Obama campaign aide who knows how to do things better.

· The story would have to offer up for sacrifice at least one scapegoat, whose job was allegedly in peril.

· Bonus points if said scapegoat hails from Obama’s campaigns (watch your back, Joel Benenson).

So, yes, this latest chapter in the Clintons’ book of Supposed Looming Implosions, 2016 edition, contains all the predictable elements...

It is repetitive, for sure. I remember this movie from 2008. I'm still trying to get my head around the idea of a Bernie Sanders nomination, but it's not far-fetched at this point.

Also, at Politico, "How Much Trouble Is Hillary Clinton In?"

(Via Memeorandum.)